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10th Asian Conference on Safe Communities in Sejong.

In 2020, international safe communities of Asia will gather at Sejong Special Self-governing City, the capital of administration for the Republic of Korea. I hereby ask for your active participation and suggestions for successful conference.


I am excited to host the 「10th Asian Conference on Safe Communities in Sejong」 at Sejong. This conference which has now been hosted 10 times would be an opportunity for entire Asia becomes happier through safety and for all international safe communities in Asia to get to know each other better.

Certification of international safe community does not mean that the certified city is completely safe but rather that it has the system to build a safe community. The most important component in the system to improve safety consists of two types of cooperative systems. First is the cooperative relationship between locals including citizens, civic groups, and enterprises and the second is the establishment of cooperative relationship between international safe communities. I hope that this conference serves as an opportunity to improve the level of cooperation between international safe communities of Asia.

It is my hope that the international safe communities of Asia will build a stronger partnership through this conference. And it is my desire that we research and pool our knowledge for safety of our citizens to complete the ‘Asia Safe Community Model’ together.

We await the participation of many experts and citizens in Asia for this conference to be meaningful and fruitful. Please lead the 「10th Asian Conference on Safe Communities in Sejong」 to success.
Thank you.

We invite you to the 10th Asian Conference on Safe Communities in
Sejong hosted at Sejong Special Self-governing City.

International safe community is an international certification project of autonomous communities where citizens themselves execute safe lifestyle to realize the core values of the Safe Community Manifesto that states, ‘All human beings have an equal right to health and safety’ with the administrative authority responsible for safety of local society as well as safety related institutions and groups, safety improvement experts, health experts, and civic groups cooperating to consistently improve the safe standards.

For a local society to be certified as an international safe community, it must execute a project to consistently determine the safe standards for all aspects of daily life and to control the risk factors that can be improved. And the people and environment vulnerable to injury or damage especially must be improved through public projects. Also, it must evaluate its safety improvement project progression and performance to consistently improve. And quality injury surveillance is required to execute such process in a scientific manner.

Asian Conference on Safe Communities will be held at Sejong Special Self-governing City of Republic of Korea for participants to share the experience of establishing international safe communities for over 30 years. We hereby invite safety administration personnel, safety improvement experts along with all others devoted to safety improvement in local society through civic groups and safety related institutions to the 10th Asian Conference on Safe Communities in Sejong. I believe that this annual conference will be a great opportunity for learning for all participants.

Thank you.

Every 6 seconds someone, somewhere in the world is suddenly and tragically killed because of injury. Over five million lives per year! We cannot, we should not, accept this needless suffering and loss in our communities. 

The good news is, there is much that can be done. Local communities can take control of their own destinies and reduce the burden caused by injury and crime, and increase their safety, wellbeing and productivity. 

However, the task is not easy. Effective action requires committed community, national and international networks. Networks that identify, mobilise and coordinate resources. Networks that can blend the knowledge and expertise of researchers (experts in what to do), practitioners administrators and political leaders (experts in how to do it) and the community itself (experts in what will work for them) to run effective programs. 

We have made a great start. Since our movement began in 1989 over 400 communities across the world, covering 87 million people, have joined in our vision to make the world a safer place to live, work and play … one community at a time. 

The 10th Asian Regional Safe Community Conference being held in Sejong is a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded colleagues and friends with a shared vision to create a safer world, to encourage one another and share knowledge and expertise. I know you will leave the conference empowered to work more effectively and re-energised to persist in your life changing work. 

Every life saved, every person rescued from injury or abuse, is precious… one less tragic loss in the lives of communities, friends and family.

Thank you.

On the occasion of the 10th conference of Asia Safe Community, I am much delighted to congratulate the city of Sejong Korea, for hosting this conference. I am sure that this is going to be a pronounced and beneficial opportunity for the city, its citizens and participants from all over the world.

It is worth noting that the very concept of safety and its importance in our daily life requires a fast-increasing demand for information. In doing so, we work to open doors for individuals and communities in Asia and particularly welcome individuals and communities in the region to enhance their cooperation, exchange ideas, and learn valuable lessons from one another.

In this effort we seek the goal that the member communities grow closer together, united by a common desire to become safer, healthier, more harmonious and provide more caring places in which to live, work, study and play.

I would like to invite you all to actively participate in this conference which will be held in Sejong City, Republic of Korea.
Eager to meet you all.

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